Map of Pagan Europe

Filip Airis Kubín
For all Pagan seekers; knowledge is not only about what we learn in the classroom, but also about what we discover about our cultures and traditions throughout Europe.

Wandering has always been part of pagan spirituality. Pilgrimages to places devoted to our gods, ancestors and spirits of the land. These include mountains, streams, burial mounds (dolmens) of ancestors, menhirs or temples, oracles, sacred woods and the stone circles they guard. These are the places that might provide strength and inspiration not only for our pagan path, and serve as much needed support in times of crises. Several of my friends have, when their spiritual path had asked it, set off for a pilgrimage of several weeks to places of worship like Santiago de Compostela or Jerusalem. However, there are many other places of power in Europe which are connected to our pagan tradition and by the means of this map, I would like to help those who are looking for the destination of their next pagan pilgrimage.

This map lacks some sacred places that need to stay secret for the reason of their protection or because we simply can’t afford to replace or repair them should they get damaged. I would hate it if they’d end up like the Manannán mac Lir statue in Ireland, or the Perun statue in Kiev.

If you find an error in the map, wrong GPS coordinates, or you have a suggestion for places that should be added, or even if you just wish to offer some constructive criticism, please don’t hesitate to send me an email to

Map of Europe:

Detailed maps of individual countries:

Czech Republic:


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